We Need You

Our Vision 2030 is to collectively build a more resilient nation; one person, one community at a time. Our ability to help meet the needs of our country extend across all groups of people. Regardless of your age, different abilities, gender or national origin, we value your insights and need you at the helm of our service to the most vulnerable.

Sign up here to be a part of the important work that we do! Here are some of our programs:

  • Disaster Management
  • Climate Resilience Projects
  • Food Security
  • Communications
  • Community Engagement & Accountability
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Migrant & Refugee Assistance
  • Social Welfare
  • Programs for Mandated Service

Enjoy the benefits of being a volunteer of The Bahamas Red Cross such as:

  • Experiencing the fulfillment of serving the most vulnerable
  • Leadership development
  • Becoming a voice in the planning and execution of projects
  • Personal and career development
  • Training opportunities
  • Networking with like-minded individuals
  • Building a more resilient Bahamas!




















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