The Bahamas Red Cross Youth

Building Community and Self Respect

“Creating Humanitarians, Present and Future”

The Bahamas Red Cross Youth is committed to preparing the youth of our nation to understand the importance of self-respect and service to others. Our mandate to the Bahamian society is to make everyone aware of our nationwide Humanitarian needs and endorse efforts of making The Bahamas a place where people learn how to serve one another. With these teachings in practice, we hope that they implement the principles learnt throughout their life. We also want to build good character in the students we are able to reach.

The Aim of The Junior Red Cross program is to teach juniors about the protection of life and health, service to the sick and suffering and international friendship.  The program is a school-based program headed by patrons within the schools.

The program is a positive avenue for students to expand their passion to help others and give back to the community.

Some of the benefits include :

  • Provides an outlet for the students to become involved in community service.
  • Youth Ambassadors will be chosen to represent The Society at various events.
  • The chance for one member to participate in “Youth in Parliament” as an Official Red Cross Representative.
  • An opportunity to collect food, clothing and other items for the most vulnerable in your area.
  • Staff members and students can be trained in First Aid and CPR to assist at functions such as Sports day, fun day and health walks at a reduced cost.
  • An opportunity to receive training in hurricane and other disaster preparedness classes.
  • Opportunity to participate in Youth exchange programs.

Annual Youth Events

Red Cross Fair

Bahamas Red Cross Easter Egg Hunt

Annual Summer Camp

National Youth March

Annual Thanksgiving Day Luncheon for the Elderly

Remembrance Day Parade

Coin Drive



The Bahamas Red Cross Society believes that young people are the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to partner with as many schools as possible to facilitate the Junior Red Cross Program. This program will serve as a positive avenue for students to help others in a meaningful way.

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